Roy Moore Needs Our Help In Key GOP Senate Showdown This Month! 

Judge Roy Moore's Senate campaign is coming under attack from the political "establishment" because he threatens their stranglehold of power on our nation. Judge Moore is one of the most outspoken supporters of our Constitution and our religious liberties in the nation today. That's why LCAction PAC is taking a stand in support of Judge Moore in the critical Alabama GOP primary runoff election on September 26.

Your gift today can impact this key race!

LCAction PAC is engaging its massive grassroots network in support of Judge Moore. But we need your help! Your gift today will help LCAction PAC rally pro-faith and pro-family voters to support Judge Moore and help break the establishment's control over our nation.

With just days to go before this critical runoff election on September 26, we urgently need your help! Please make your special gift to LCAction PAC today.

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